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I loooove old school, but when everybody starts doing it I
get the sudden uncontrollable urge to try something different!


Project started January 2006

16 May 2006: I added fuellines and fuelvalves; the idea is that because of the shape of the tank if you open either the front or the rear fuelvalve, the other valve will still give you about a gallon of reserve. Ofcourse with a transparant fueltank you won't run out of fuel without noticing.... I also added a rear brake master cylinder with a remote brass brakefluid reservoir
30 May 2006: I added the front brake and clutch handles with tiny brass reservoirs for the hydraulic fluid and started work on the front suspension. The actual spring and shock absorber are inside the neck and I will use a rocker (sortof like a valve rocker in a car engine) to transfer the moverment from the forks to the shock.
18 November 2009: Re-rendered in Hypershot


Usually the fueltank is wrapped around the frame,
why not wrap the frame around the tank?