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CADBIKE # 20, Chicano Lowrider
 Project started 8 February 2003,

Big wheels, lots of spokes, low and fat bike


Red version rendered with Hypershot, blue version with Povray



"Clay" renderings made with Hypershot

21 July 2003: Added all of the oillines, had to design a very different route for them, because of the exhaust pipes. I added a taillight and licenseplate, redesigned the bottoms of the shocks and modified the brakepedal with an extended shaft that goes to the left side of the bike. Because of the exhaust pipes there is very little room for the rear brake reservoir on the right side of the bike, so I will hide it behind the primary chaincovers.

28 July 2003: Added some white graphics on the tank, sort of a single scallop. Added the pingel fuelvalve and fuelfilter and fuelline, added rectifier hidden in bottom of tank, added rear chain guard and added front brake reservoir in front of engine, not happy with that yet though...

17 March 2009: made some new renderings with Hypershot..



Stock frame has been cut in three pieces to raise the gearbox and to
make room for the fat 240 Metzeler rear tire