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 Project started 13 February 2003,

A very different streetfighter

This project was kept secret for a whole year because we originally intended
to build it for real for my friend Aad; apart from the different engine position,
the other part of our mad plan was to replace the gearbox with a hydropump that
would drive a hydromotor in the rear wheel. Variable transmission: no clutch,
shiftpedal or rear brake neccesary, the hydropump could be controlled by lefthand
throttle. This should accelerate like nothing you have ever seen, because the
engine could stay at the rpm with maximum torque all the way from 0 to ...?

June 2005: We are now building Cadbike #31 for Aad , and I decided to
finish the CAD model of #19 just for fun.



8 August 2005: The frame now doubles as the oiltank and I have put on all the oillines except the crankcase breather. I also started work on the throttle linkage using little balljoints.

15 August 2005: I made a whole new rear wheel, based on the center part of a PVM but widened to accept the 330 tire. I also added fuellines and brackets between carbs and frame.

16 June 2009: Re-rendered with Hypershot


5 gallon fueltank


Engine Harley Davidson Evo
Front wheel PVM 17" magnesium
Front tire Metzeler ME880 17" x 130
Fork legs KTM Upsidedown
Fork trees DBBP-Design
Rear wheel PVM, widened to 12.5 "
Rear tire Avon 17" x 330
Gearbox None, it uses a hydropump and hydromotor