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Project started 16 January 2003, makeover started in May 2006

Do you folks out there remember the seventies?
Girder forks, king and queen seats, metalflake paintjobs,
wild upswept exhaust systems, high sissy bars....


27 June 2006: Replaced the 80 spoke wheels with 5 spoke Invaders, narrowed
and completed the Harmon forks and added one of the airfilters I designed with
Joe McGlynn of Crime Scene Choppers, mounted vertically.

5 July 2006: Added a really cool headlight that I saw a few weeks ago on a bike
in Sweden, I have no idea what it is from, if you know where to get one please tell me!

14 April 2009: Added 6 new Hypershot renderings


No matter how long the forks are, or how radical a bike looks,
if it is designed correctly it can handle well.
This bike has a 111 mm trail which should make it corner like a dream.
Gearbox will be raised slightly for added ground clearance in left turns.
(a modification that I like so much I'm using it in all my new designs)