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Renso Kuster

Allthough I have never actually met Renso in real life, we have
been corresponding and sharing CAD-models almost since this
website started, here is a collection of his work:

Renso's Softtail project

Renso's latest project involves the same engine as the previous bike, but this time in a lowered softtail frame,with a springer fork. Also
modeled in Solidworks.

Renso's Evo project

Once again using an engine and gearbox I made, Renso started designing this bike with Solidworks

Renso's Shovelhead project

Using an engine and gearbox model by I made, Renso started designing a Shovelhead project in Pro/Engineer.
Renso changed jobs and didn't have access to the software anymore, so he started a new project with Solidworks, see above.

Renso's 45" flathead

Renso's first Cadbike, a copy of his own 45" WLC. Renso and I swapped Cad-engines and I continued working on the 45" (see Cadbike #2) while Renso started his next project.