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Wheels & Brakes


My bike's front axle was in pretty bad condition (not surprising because
it was 49 years old) so I replaced it with a new one and while I was at it,
I took the opportunity to remove the play between axle and hub.

I also ordered a new star hub cover, these used to serve as an oil seal,
but since I use modern sealed bearings it is just for looks.

Before you all start mailing me that I always claim that parts that don't
make you go or stop faster should always be avoided, it only weighs
about 100 grams and it just looks sooooooooooo cool!


Little extra tech-tip: I always carry a short length of 7/16" (=11mm)
hex bar in my toolroll that I use for the 5 large sockethead bolts that
mount the brakedrum to the hub. In combination with a 7/16" wrench
this works fine and takes up much less space in the toolroll.