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Wheels & Brakes


On the last day of 2003, I decided it was a good time to give my front
wheel some attention, spokes and rim were getting pretty rusty and I
wanted a black rim anyway. In the freezing shed I removed the front
wheel and then the tire (Avon Speedmaster).


The hub is from 1955 but I rebuilt it to accept modern bearings 8 years
ago and although it looks its age, I figured it was still good enough
to keep. I took the wheel inside (where it was a lot warmer) and removed
the old spokes with the electric screwdriver. Whoever invented electric
screwdrivers should get a medal, I removed all 40 spokes in about 5 minutes!


The bearings were still in excellent shape so I covered them with masking
tape, removed the old paint from the hub with paintstripper and a wire-
brush and resprayed the hub with glossy black Hammerite. Now I was
ready for new spokes and a new black rim. While everything was apart
I weighed all the parts and compared the weights to some modern parts,
read all about it next week, when I decide if I want a discbrake or if I want
to keep the drumbrake (with some modifications ofcourse)