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Here we are, 6 years later. Aad decided it was time for a few upgrades; the ignition switch needed to be moved to a better location, the ignition coil needed to be replaced for a differnt type in combination with a different ignition for easier kickstarting, and the battery needed to be replaced for a smaller but stronger Anti-Gravity battery to make room for the bigger coil. Also Aad wanted all these parts, which were hidden in a section of the right tank-half, to be easier accessible.


We started with the ignition switch. Originally it was also inside the dummy-tank, this was not very pactical so we found a new place for it between the intake manifold. I did not bother doing this in CAD first but made a quick sketch with oldfashioned pen and paper, and Aad started work on a cool little bracket that would mount on the existing carb bracket. To be continued....