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Aad's bike, Cadbike 31

CAD version here


We decided to use Brembo components for brake and clutch lever, Aad machined a 22mm section in each 1" clipon to make them fit. The grips were made the same way as the footpedal and an internal throttle was installed.


Aad was not happy with the way the rear brakerod was mounted to the frame so he came up with a new version that looks much better.


The battery, ignition coil and fuelpump have been mounted in the right tankhalf, and Nicoline used a spare tank half to do a test version of the paintjob that will be on the completed bike. She uses oilpaint for the pinup, and we needed to test how the oilpaint would hold up under the clear coat, don't want any surprises at the last moment....