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Aad's bike

CAD version here


While I was working on the beltplate, Aad started fabricating the upper shock mount of the rear suspension. The shock is mounted on the front downtubes of the frame, like in the old Britten racers. The shock in the pictures is just a template part we used for dimensions, the final shock will be clear anodized with a red spring.


While I am making CAD files for the beltplate and alternator cover, with an extra bearing behind the front pully, I ordered an offset kit for the front pully from Primo. Allthough I ordered a kit for a 2 inch belt they sent me a kit for a 3inch.... As the shipping on the part was as much as the part itself, we decided to modify the kit ourselves to fit a 2 inch belt. The front sprocket of the rear chain also has some offset in it, the trick is to get all the parts lined up correctly.