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Aad's bike

CAD version here


I measured the template part we made last week, used the dimensions to design a transmission plate in CAD and printed a fullsize dimensioned drawing for Aad. Aad used the bandsaw and vertical milling machine to make the final plate. It is a lot thicker than a stock plate because we wanted the gearbox raised. Ofcourse this meant that the studs in the transmission were too short so Aad machined some oversized bolts into nuts (bet that's a new one for ya!)


Next job was measuring the beltplate, we did that in a similar way. Steel template parts were made on engine and gearbox, then a steel plate was welded between them to fix the relative position. Since this part was a bit more difficult to measure we put it in the Bridgeport, and used the digital readout to get coordinates for all the holes. I used these coordinates to make a CAD model and this will be machined in the CNC milling machine. (Mori Seiki)