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Aad's bike

CAD version here


The stainless steel rocker for the Britten-style rear suspension has been mounted in the frame, the shock absorber you see in the pics is a mockup part; the final version will be all blank anodised aluminum with a red spring.


The narrow primary belt with centrifugal clutch arrived and we decided to work on mounting the gearbox. We started by bolting a steel plate in the frame, with another piece welded on top to get the correct height. On the bottom of the gearbox we bolted another steel plate. We aligned the sprockets of the rear chain using a long ruler ( we started with one of those laser aligning tools but that did not work very well because the rear sprocket is sort of dished). When we had the sprockets aligned we needed to lign up the front and rear pully of the primary belt.


This bike has a total offset of 2 inches, one inch in the transmission sprocket and one inch in the engine pully. The transmission will be raised 3/4" to improve cornering. Aad machined 4 spacers from round bar and we used a straight ruler to make sure engine and transmission would be exactly parallel, then we MIG welded the steel plate on the transmission to the steel plate on the frame, and we had an accurate template of the bolt hole positions that I measured and used to design the final transmission plate that will be machined in aluminum.