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Aad's swingarm
CAD version here


By now the chrome-moly chaintensioners are finished, the rear wheel has been centered and we have started on the brakes. I designed a bracket to eliminate reaction forces on the swingarm when braking; the bottom of the bracket will be connected directly to the frame. I made a fullsizr print of the bracket and Aad used this as a template to frabricate the real thing in polished stainless steel.


The handmade aluminum rear fender has also been mounted by Aad, he made two small solid "bumps" on the fender and fitted them with helicoils for extra strength. The front of the fender will also get a mounting point but this will need to wait untill all the parts of the bike have been mounted and it is standing on the floor. That is pretty much the only way to get the angle of the fender just right.