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Aad's swingarm
CAD version here


After thinking through the whole process we decided to change the plan a bit, we will cast the swingarm in one piece instead of welding it together from separate pieces. This will improve strength and reduce the risk of cracks. ( they always seem to appear near the welds) We repeated the process of making a swingarm leg and made sure we had nice big radius's (radii?) where the legs meet the round bit with the bearings.


After a lot of fillering and sanding and fillering and sanding Aad painted the wooden swingarm silver so we could get a good look at how the finished project would look. Cool! We found that we did not have enough casting sand so that had to be picked up at an art supply store. It is actually sand with oil, but it looks and feels more like clay than sand. It took about 200 lbs of sand to cast one swingarm, but most of it can be re-used after each casting.


The sand needed to be tightly stamped in the lower flask around the wooden mold and just the lower half took about 3 hours to get right. Then the top flask was positioned and a thin layer of talcum powder was applied to create a parting surface. To be continued..

PS: the swingarm has already been cast as I write this, more pics next week.