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CSC Deep-Finned Oiltank


I started by removing my rear pipe and draining all the oil from my old stainless steel oiltank, then mounted the new tank on the existing top brackets. Not an exact fit but good enough to use untill wintertime when I plan to strip the whole bike anyway. I used some wire to pull the tank back a little bit untill the fins ran parallel to the rear exhaust pipe. I removed the old rear bracket and took measurements for a new rear bracket. I tried a couple of different combinations of new oilline fittings untill I was happy with the result. It looks like the jockey shifter might hit the new oiltank so that will need to be modified a little bit.

As usual when you try to do something on a Sunday, I found that i was missing some parts; one of the rubbermounts was missing and my drainplug was the wrong size, so you will see the rest next week.