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Aad's Frame, part 1

To fit the Evo is his 4-speed frame, Aad first chopped off the whole neck and the top half of the center downtube. He used a jack and the bending blocks of a large bending machine he borrowed from his boss and bent the frame to clear the rear cylinder head. Because the frametubes all have different angles it is not so easy to add an inch as you might think.

Stretching the 2 front tubes moves the neck forward, stretching the center downtube moves the top of that tube backwards..... The top frame tube was too short now, so instead of welding in a short plug, Aad removed the rearend of the toptube completely and replaced it with a longer tube. In front of the shockmounts he had to remove small sections because the tubes that form a triange between centertube and shock mounts were now too long.

After all the parts of the frame were spotwelded together Aad straightened everything by aligning the neck exactly perpendicular to the swingarm mounts, then he fully weldd all the parts. Done!