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As I know I will be making changes I did not want to paint anything yet, so instead I used blackening chemicals (often used on guns) then scotchbrite and finally linseed oil to seal and rustproof the parts. Linseed oil actually dries and gives pretty good rust protection, I may need to reapply after a while, we will see. The tank and fender I ground smooth and sanded. Also degreasing is a must before applying the blackening.


After applying the oil the parts are shiny but when they dry up they have a nice matt finish. As the frame was powdercoated I figured sanding it by hand would take forever so I had it sandblasted. I then gave it the same treatment as the fender and tank, and found that on a sandblasted underground it works even better. Hmmm. Maybe I will sandblast the other parts as well.


The bolt under the neck emblem is drilled for the headlight wires, which will go through the frame. I am quite happy how this finish came out, maybe I will just leave it like this and not paint it at all! Next jobs are stripping the paint off oiltank and various other small parts and also I want to fabricate a sissybar.