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Two things about the frame of Cadbike 13 that I was not happy with were the fixed rear axle and the flimsy sissybar mounts. Aad suggested making adjusters with teeth and I thought that was a great idea, so I made the CAD drawings and while they were being CNC machined I made some new sissybar mounts. Oh and I got a new tank for now, later we will probably make a custom one-off tank but for now I want to get this bike on the road.


I machined a steel bar and some endpieces that allowed me to fixate the current rear axle position. Aad welded the frame to a big steel plate which was also connected to this steel bar. Now we could replace the fixed axle mounts with the new adjustable ones.


First Aad used the angle grinder to remove one axle mount, the adjustable repacement was then bolted on to the steel bar and welded, then we did the other side.


Finally Aad welded on the sissybar mounts and I took the frame back to my own barn for the next step. I modified a stainless allen screw for where the wiring will come out of the neck, and am planning on removing all the powdercoating soon....