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These are old pics but I thought they might be interesting anyway. When looking at the cool little motogadget speedo, I noticed that there is a bundle of 10 very thin wires that exit the speedo through the monting screw. That means that once the speedo is mounted the connector has to be put on the wires and the speedo can then not be removed without cutting off the connector. Not good.


Also the wires were much too thin to attach a connector to. I drilled a little hole in the housing for the wires to exit, so the speedo would be removeable if I wanted to change handlebars or something. On each of the 10 wires I soldered 2 inches of slightly thicker wire, insulating the solder joints with heatshrink. Now I could finally mount the connector.


The mini switch is used to "program" the speedo, input the wheel diameter etcetera. All these tiny wires are quite a challenge to work with, glad I'm done with that. The 3 yellow wires in the pic below are soldered to diodes and are used for the blinker warning light in the speedo. Finally I made a stainless steel mounting bracket for the ignition switch. Well, I made the CAD drawing and had a bunch of them lasercut actually...