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My BMW Bobber, part 72
CAD version here

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Not much time left untill Mainz, so we are calling in the troops to help. I wanted the gaps between engine, gearbox and cover to be moved to get a cleaner look, Johan Heemskerk is doing this job and will also fabricate the linkage for the Stromberg carbs.
The front cover was blasted with rough grit and then clearcoated, for some reason black circles appeared in the clearcoat so we had to blast it off and start over. The second time we first rough blasted it, then glassbeaded it and then clearcoated it. The cover is now off to El Cheapo who will give it his magic touch.


Aad welded in the fuelvalves that we got from Hank Young,. I brought the frame to the powdercoater and the powdercoater screwed up, luckily Paul Funk came to the rescue and brought frame and fender to a painter who will have it finished in a week!
In the meantime we need to pressure test the tank and get it ready for paint.