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My BMW Bobber, part 41
CAD version here


I picked up a bunch of parts at the powdercoaters, and was not very happy... Both the engine and gearbox casings and the rear diff had some very ugly bubbles and craters. The powdercoat guy says this is caused by gas trapped in the cast aluminum and cannot be helped, so I decided to wetsand the rear diff and respray it in the same colour. I am replacing the worn gears first though. As for the engine and gearbox casings I am either going to paint over the powdercoat or strip it off and polish them. The steel parts that I had powdercoated came out great so at least I could work on those.


The headlight ( 10 euro's at a swapmeet) looks pretty good now with the cream coloured housing that will be pinstriped. The trim has been dechromed to expose the nickleplating, and I like the "nickle and cream" combination.


The taillight I also bought at a swapmeet ( for 12 euro's and 50 cents) , it has the text "Saturnus" on the inside of the glass and is supposed to be from an old BMW.. I had the housing powdercoated and the bezel is being nickleplated... Used waterproof sandpaper and commandant polishing compound to clean up the lenses a bit.