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My BMW Bobber, part 39
CAD version here


I wanted to see the before and after pics of the rear diff next to eachother before sending the part away for powdercoating. Think I will machine off a little bit of the axle nut surface and round its edges first (see arrow) The tricky bit is that this part needs to be heated to mount the bearings and sprockets, hope the powdercoating will survive..


We started working on the fueltank mounts, after measuring and drilling 4 small guide holes, we used the holesaw mounted in the Bridgeport to cut 4 big holes. I made a little sketch and Aad machined 4 "cups" that will flush mount the 4 rubbermounts.


Got some more cream powdercoated and nickel plated parts back, the top tree was brandnew and powdercoated black when I brought it to the plater, after plating the bottom looked great but the top was full of grind marks......looks like that will need to be machined and replated but the rest came out pretty good!