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My BMW Bobber, part 33
CAD version here


We cut off 3/4" of steel off each side of the fender with the amazing "doall" bandsaw that Aad bought recently, and then corrected the radius of the fender by shrinking the edges.
It was at that point that one of the guys watching remarked that the rib in the fender was not in the middle.... After some measuring it turned out that the rib was 1/4" off center, this did not make me happy! Not much chance of returning the fender as we had already cut it up, so I dumped it in the back of the car and continued on another project....


After a few days my new Kemppi Mini MIG welder arrived and I was looking for something to try it out on, so I improvised a bit with an angle grinder, some wood and a C-clamp in my backyard, removed the quarter inch (by cutting the fender twice) and sort of welded the two halves back together. It has been ages since I welded anything myself since my friend Aad is a really good welder, so I am actually going to be taking some classes in the next few weeks, looks like I need them!