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My BMW Bobber, part 29
CAD version here

Stock 1951 Frame 

This week we made the mounting stud for the front brake. The mounting stud for the front brake is a part that will be stressed quite a bit so it needs to be strong! I drilled a large hole all the way through the rear leg of the springer and Aad machined a threaded "bung" that goes all the way through. The outside Aad MIG welded full and then ground smooth, on the inside of the leg Aad laid one of his beautifull TIG welds.


I wanted to mount my 10 dollar swapmeet headlight as low as possible and I still had a stock mounting bracket from an old Hydraglide that I wanted to use, so Aad machined two more threaded bungs while I removed the powdercoating from the part of the front springer leg where they would get welded on. I beltsanded the bungs into the right shape to fit tightly againt the fork and Aad did some more of his TIG welding.