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My BMW Bobber, part 17
CAD version here


I put stainless steel mesh behind the holes I drilled in front drumbrake and inside the funtional airscoop. The aluminum of the brakeplate turned out to be an alloy that was very difficult to weld; the scoop is attached firmly but there are tiny little holes all over the welds. I tried camouflaging them with Sikaflex but that actually looked even worse. Hmmmm. I'll have to try something else.


As you may have seen last week I put a pair of my new brass risers on my shortened springer. The top tree of this type of springer is part of the handlebars, so some modifications were needed.. We sawed off the handlebar ends and cleaned up the ends of the tree with the beltsander. After sanding there were some gaps and low spots that were welded full by Aad and beltsanded once more untill they matched the bottoms of the risers.


I removed all the internal parts of the gearbox and glassbeaded the housing. I started stripping the crankcases as well so I can do the same there. The plan is either to polish the cases and gearbox or to glassbead everything and cover it in clear powdercoating, I have not decided yet.