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My BMW Bobber, part 6
CAD version here


I removed the left cylinder and cylinder head first because I had noticed some smoke coming from the left pipe lately. After removing the valves my first thought was that the valves were still pretty tight in the valveguides. After closer inspection it turned out that the exhaust valveguide itself was loose in the head, I could rotate it with 2 fingers... That would definitely explain the smoke! I clearly marked all the parts I had removed so they can later go back in the same place. Next step will be to fix the broken cooling ribs and the loose valveguide, then I will glassbead the heads, and finally I will have the heads converted for unleaded fuel.


The tunnel of the Superglide was much too wide and had the wrong angle for the bike, so I made a new tunnel and positioned it in the middle using some scrap metal bits. I put it on the frame to get the correct angle and Aad tackwelded it in place. Then I ground off the excess metal so we can finish it later when the frame is back at Ronnie's place.