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My BMW Bobber, part 5
CAD version here


As Ronnie jigged up the frame to weld on the new neck he noticed 2 things, the rear springer leg was going to hit the front downtubes and the rear of the frame was out of true, twisted, bent and crooked. Strangely enough I had never really noticed when riding it, but this will need to be fixed. We decided to move the new neck forward to make room for the springer rear leg and leave the rest untill after Ronnie was back from his 3-week vacation...

This way I could at least get the gastank finished and decide whether to straighten the rear frame or just cut it off and replace it with a hardtail.


With the frame back home ( well, Aad's home actually) we started work on
the new tunnel that will be deeper and narrower than the old tunnel.

Finally, Alan from Santiago Choppers donated a really cool
taillight that will look perfect on this bike, thanks Alan!