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My BMW Bobber, part 4
CAD version here


The front engine cover had a crack in it so Aad welded that and we removed all the ribs except the middle one. This gives it a more classic look, the engine is from the 80's and
we want it to match the styling of the bike , more like the 50's. Next step will be to polish it and after that it will be blasted with rough grit to make it look like a cast part again, then finally it will be glassbeaded. The seat is one of the "hardass" seats I designed for Crime Scene Choppers, the headlight I found at a swapmeet for 10 euro's and the handlebar controls (reversed) I got from ( a dutch version of Ebay)


In the meantime, Ronnie Breuer has removed the 45 degree neck from the BMW R51 frame and he will replace it with a 35 degree Harley-style neck so I can mount a springer. We left this part to Ronnie because he has an excellent frame jig to make sure the neck will be mounted perfectly.