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Robbie's 360, part 5


Johan machined grooves in the rear axle spacers to match the grooves in the axle blocks of the swingarm. Aad made some brackets for the Tolle sprocket brake caliper, first we mocked up the mounting position in the swingarm, then disassembled everything for final welding. The little steel wart on the swingarm will hold the brakeline in position, we don't want to spoil the look by using a tie-wrap!


I made a few stainless steel cableholders that Aad welded on the inside of the fender, as I am writing this the swingarm/fender is being painted. Robbie's bike already had a Prowler RSD gearbox and a 300 tire, but with his new 360 rear tire the sprockets do not line up anymore, so we are making an offset kit with an extra support bearing to get everything to line up again.