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Though this bike is certainly NOT a show-bike,
it did sometimes manage to win a trophy here and there.....

In 1987 I had painted my "Bitch" matt black with handpainted flames in yellow, orange and red. Around the flames I drew a white line with a marker pen, looked pretty good!

That same day, with the paint barely dry I went to a party at the Rogues in Opmeer, where the camping ground was pretty muddy and the Bitch got nice and dirty. The next morning I went to the Confederates Choppershow in Amersfoort, accidentally spilled some gasoline over my tank on the way there so the white lines around my new flames started dissolving and white ink was dripping over the engine!?!?

I was selling T-shirts at the Choppershow so I parked my bike where I could see it, which was in the middle of the bikeshow....At the end of the day I received a trophy for "best rat bike".

In 1990 I had done some serious rebuilding on the Bitch and at the Commanchero's Choppershow in Waddinxveen I won "Best Detail".

In 1991 the Bitch won another "Best Detail" at the Spiders Choppershow in Delft.

In 1992 the Bitch won "Best Custom" in my hometown Leiden.

In 1999 the Bitch won "Best Custom" again in Leiden, mainly because it was raining like hell that day and there were only a few bikes that showed up.......

Many years later, in 2018, I took Cadbike 1 (formerly known as the Bitch) to the Choppertown Sideshow in Germany and won another award, well whaddayaknow?