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Owner: Duckman City: Leiden (Holland)
General Frame
Fabrication by: Owner Year: 1978
Year and make: 1978 Harley Davidson Builder: HD
Model: FLH Type: Swingarm
Value: ??? Rake: Stock
Assembly by: Duckman Stretch Stock
Time: 16 years Other Alterations: Reinforced swingarm mount
Chroming by: none Accessoires
Engine Bars: Duckman
Year: 1978 Risers: Welded to bars
Model: Shovelhead Fender: Duckman
Rebuilder: Duckman Headlight: Bates
Ignition: 4 plugs / transistor Taillight: Swap meet special
Displacement: 88 Speedo: None
Lower end: 4 1/4" stroke Front pegs: Duckman (aluminum)
Pistons: 3 5/8" (big bore) Rear pegs: Duckman (aluminum)
Cases: Delcron Electrics: Duckman
Heads: modified by Duckman Gas tank: Sportster with aircraft-style cap
Cam: Sifton 485 magnum Oil tank: Duckman (stainless steel)
Lifters: Solid Oil system: Russel stainless oil lines
Carb: Weber DCOE 40 Primary cover: No, 3" open belt
Air cleaner: Duckman Seat: 1942 WLA
Pipes: 2" Stainless steel Fenderstruts: Duckman (aluminum)
Mufflers: Huh? Forks
Transmission Type: '57 Panhead
Modifications: Andrews gears, kickstarter Extension: None
Year: 1978 Trees: Duckman (aluminum)
Shifting: Jockey shift/suicide clutch Swingarm: Lowered, 4 bearings
Case: Cal products (Extra strong) Front wheel
Trans sprocket: 25 (offset for wide tire) Hub: '57 Panhead modified for modern bearings
Wheel sprocket: 47 (10 bolts instead of 5) Brake: '57 Panhead with holes drilled in it
Front pulley Removable aluminium cover and 1/2" socket Rim: 19" x 2 1/2"
Clutch Competitor Tire: Avon Speedliner 19" x 3"
Painting Rear wheel
Molding: None Hub: Duckman (aluminum)
Painter: P3 in Lisse Brake: 2 Jap calipers (8 pistons) on HD disc
Color: Black Wheel: 15" x 4 1/2" Riot (solid)
Type: Glossy? Tire: Dunlop 15" x 150/80 (162 mm on my wheel)
Other special modifications:
Spare plugs mounted in lower tree, throttle and front brake handle built into bars, machined valve-covers, outside oil return lines from the heads, homemade rear brake master cylinder, oil pump cover, exhaust brackets, connecting plate between engine and transmission, clutch pedal, coil mount, rectifier mount and more
(all in aluminum and stainless steel ofcourse)