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Part 8, Attaching to coil

The sparkplugwires or HT leads supplied with my XA sparkplugcaps are quite thin (5mm) and I have had a few questions about how to attach them to the coil. Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some pics!


First of all, the HT leads supplied are probably too long so determine the required length and then add about 40 mm before cutting them off. (20 mm extra for each side of the HT lead) How to do the sparkplug side of the lead you can see on the previous page, so now I will just explain the coil side.


Make a little cut in the insulation 20 mm from the end, taking care not to cut into the copper. Bend the wire back and forth a few times to expose the copper core and remove the insulation. Put the clampnut and the rubber on the wire now.


Twist the copper core strands a few times, fold the core double and then fold back against the insulation. You fill find it now fits nicely in the coil, use the clampnut to fix it in place.


If you have a different coil (almost nobody has the stock XA coil anymore) or just want it even tighter, you can wrap some insulating tape around the end of the HT lead's insulation and then fold back the twisted copper core. I tried this on a stock coil and it gave a super tight fit! By the way, the coil in these pics is from a 45" flathead, which is very similar but slightly higher than an XA coil.