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Part 5, Housing , Spark plug cable complete
32000-42 right hand & 32001-42 left hand

Next parts on the list were the spark plug cable housings, the pics below are of an original part. They used to aome in a left and right version, the difference being that the tab is soldered on in different directions. I have very little experience with soldering but Willem as a professional plumber was going to help with that.


The braided cover on the housing is actually brass and so is the cap on the spark plug side. I decided to start by having a bunch of flat patterns for the tabs lasercut from my CAD drawing and made a simple tool to bend them in the correct shape.


I made sure the original bracket fit very tight in the bender and then bent a whole bunch of them. The little tool worked like a charm, I love making litte tools like this, especially if it turns out that they actually work, haha!


The end caps I also put into CAD and fed into the CNC mill, all exactly the same and much faster than I could have made them manually. High tech or low tech, whatever gets the job done best!


I took all the stuff I had prepared to Willem at "het Zijklepperpaleis" and started by testfitting the plug caps on one of his XA engines. Fits good! Next would be the soldering all the cable housings together, more about that next time