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Part 4, Shield and Insulator, Spark plug 32070-42

Just when I thought I was almost finished I rn into some "challenges" My original plan was to fold the edge to 90 degrees, then 45 and then finally press it all the way shut. What happened was that after folding the edge 90 degrees it sparang back to about 80, and when I tried the next step the flap kept bending the wrong way...


I tried various ideas that did not work then finally made a little beadroller that seemed to do the trick! It took 3 sets of wheels untill the flap was forming just right.


This all took quite some time but now that I have the correct shape I will make one last set of forming wheels, but this time hardened because the first ones are already showing signs of wear.


Here you can see the original part and my copy, the final step for this part is bending shut the end of the groove so that the parts are fixed together


, I made a little tool for that also because without support closing the groove pushes the other part inwards and we don't want that!