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Part 3, Shield and Insulator, Spark plug 32070-42

At this point I had pressed a whole stack of "bathtubs", half of them would become the front sides and the other half the back sides of the shields. The front sides have a flap that will be folded around the rear sides. Each bathtub will become either 2 frontsides or 2 rearsides.


After cutting the first stack of bathtubs in half I had 28 frontsides, on each of them I riveted a pin (which will fit in the lower shield) In the meantime Aad was welding the backsides and cleaning up the welds on the outside.


I started with grinding the welds on the insides but soon found that I needed a tool to hold the part while reaming the hole and grinding the welds, so I fabricated a simple clamp which made the job a lot easier.


After the welds had been cleaned up I riveted 2 pins in each backside. Almost ready!


Next step was to fold the edge of the front shield around the edge of the back shield, this proved to be the biggest challenge and took a few tries, more about that next time!