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Harley Davidson XA


As the story goes, the US military needed a bike that would perform well in
harsh (hot) circumstances as well as the virtually indescructable BMW R71

Both Harley and Indian built a bike for this purpose, Indian built the model 841
with an engine setup like a Guzzi, and Harley built the XA with an engine
that was pretty much a copy of the BMW R71 engine

Between 1941 and 1943 1000 of these bikes were built by Harley,
the frame looks alot like the BMW R51 frame, the engine was a
45 opposed twin. It had a fourspeed gearbox, shaftdrive ofcourse, and
the whole bike cost the army $1000 a piece!

I must say I do like the way that springer looks in the BMW style frame,
both use tapered oval tubing and they look great together.