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Hey Duckman,
at first, sorry about my English. My name is Thomas Enzenauer, and I think my Pan is something for your super homepage. If your are interested about the bike, let me know. My bike is an original 1957 frame, motor and gear. The rest is brand new build from Big Twin Laden in Dudenhofen. On their homepage you can see more pictures from the bike.( First picture is by the custom chrome show in Mainz in 2003 where we landed by 100 bikes at the 7th. place, second picture is before the paintshop.
Greetings Tom


Hey Duckman,
My Pan is a real steelwork. Nothing on isn't out of steel. All parts are handmade by famous customizer and steelworker Stefan from the Big Twin Laden in Dudenhofen germany. I send you in this mail some more pictures. More after my holiday. I'll be in the states for 4 weeks at the harly-party. See you in milwaukee.

Thomas Enzenauer