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internal cables in handlebar

internal cables again!

drumbrake and belt?

I photographed this bike in Lommel, Belgium
and would love to contact the owner/builder for a complete photo-shoot and a lot of questions...
This bike has more homemade parts and original ideas on it than anything I have seen in a long time; and it was ridden in the rain to Belgium that day. (Any bike that arrives on a trailer is not interesting to me, period!)


26-05-2002: After receiving an Email from Ronnie Breuer, the builder of this bike, I took my camera and went to visit him in Helmond today. Next week you will find the start of a full feature on these pages about the building of this bike, I promise you you will be amazed at the skills and creativity of this guy! This Superpan has an Evo-crankshaft, homemade heads(!), homemade frame with internal oiltank and internal cables, and so much more it will take me a few weeks to tell you the whole story