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The front frametube is made from a Superbell dropped front axle, often used in Hotrods.
The rear wheel is from a 1932 Ford, Hank added a 2" steel ring to each side to get a total
width of 7,5 inches. The front fork is a replica of an late 30's Indian Chief leaf spring front fork.
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The fueltank was handmade using oldfashioned workmanship and wooden templates,
it must be immensly satisfying to take a hammer and a sheet of metal and produce a
beautifull tank like this! I don't think there are many people on this planet who have both
the skills and the artistic talent to do this kind of work, excellent stuff Hank!


The dual float bowls on the S&S L-type carb are fully functional but not really necessary,
they just look great and keep people like myself busy trying to figure out what they are for....