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Hi Duckman, kool site. Maybe you can use pictures of
my panhead chopper. Have a nice day, Björn


Coooooool! Hi Bjorn, can you tell me a little bit about yourself and the bike? I want to make a feature page about it, cheers ,Mark

Hello Mark,
the Panhead was build in 1950, I'm in 1975. I'm from a little village in Hessen/Germany and the chopper was build by me in my Chopper-Barn (a little garage in a old barn). I like the bikes they rode in the late sixties, the old stuff. This bike is my first Harley, I bought it in 2001 and build it to this chopper. I put a picture into the email from my Yamaha SR 500 Chopper which I rode before the Panhead. With this bike I rode to the Nordcap and back (but with a other gas tank and handlebars) The second picture is the Panhead which I build for my ex-girlfriend. If you have more questions, just ask :-) have a nice weekend, Bjorn


ps. my friends ride all old Harley Chopper with rigid frames, are you interested in more pictures?

Thanks Bjorn, I would love to see more pics of your friends bikes!