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Hi Duckman! It was great to discover, you have put my Panhead on your homepage! Iīve followed your www-site for years now and it was nice to see that! Were you in Finland, or did someone else take the picture?

Hi Andy, someone sent me the pic, I think they said it was taken in Norrtalje? I really love your bike and you should send me much more pics so I can do a full page story about it! How are your experiences with the Weber? Cheers, Duckman

Hi Duck ! I appreciate your comments, I know you have seen many things through the years. To be exact, the carb isnīt Weber, but Dellīorto DRLA 45. Iīve been trying to adjust it, about four years, everytime I change or modify something in the engine, Iīll have to start all over again. But now itīs working like a charm. When youīre making an effort Itīs rewarding to see it work. The intake manifolds are separate so, the both cylinders have their own throat. So you can adjust both cylinders individually. The back cylinder is running more heated, and you must adjust it to concentrate more, if you know what I mean. Here are some pics, old and new. If you want more, let me know. Take care! -Andy