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I am a "little bit" behind on telling this story, so I will try to catch up to where we are now. In 2014 I had sent my frame design to a guy from the German TUV to find out if it would be strong enough. He found two areas that needed some work; the neck needed some plates welded on the sides and near the rear axle we added two vertical bars. After that the frame was officially declared strong enough so production could start. Willem and Harry decided to have 5 identical frames built!

Frametubes were ordered (with material certificate) and bent according to my
drawings at Heemskerk Metaalbewerking in Warmond (Aad's boss by the way)
The large diameter tubes, with 4 mm wall thickness, were so strong
that the bender needed some help from the forklifter


CAD drawings for all the flat parts were sent off to be waterjet cut, and all the
machined parts such as the steering necks and several bushes were made by Aad
By now it was the spring of 2015 and all the parts and drawings of the frames went
to Belgium where Chris (Old Barn Customs) would weld the frames together

To be continued..