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A friend of mine, Harry, has a bike with this very rare Cees Fick engine,
which is built from a Harley 45" lower end and Matchless cylinders and heads.

The plan is to take it to Bonneville and I have been asked to design a frame
for his bike, A friend of his has the same engine and is also going to Bonneville;
both will use identical frames but different tanks, wheels, transmissions etcetera.

First job was to get all the main components into CAD, starting with the engine.
I have been using my new laserscanner which is very helpfull, but it still is quite a
lot of work. As you can see the scans need a lot of postprocessing before they
are clean CAD models.


At the time that I am writing this, Harry already has a frame and the engine is already
running. Only after receiving the rulebook from Bonneville did Harry decide that the
existing frame would not pass tech inspection, and asked me to help with designing
the new frame.