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The Speedbowl, part 1

After Fred and I returned from California in October last year he told me that his next bike would have 23 inch wheels on the front and back. The manufacturer of the 23 inch tires (Veerubber) had promised to donate a set of tires and Fred asked me to make a matching set of 23 inch wheels. He wanted them to have 4 spokes like the wheels used for racing bicycles (see examples in pictures below).


I made a couple of versions in CAD and Fred chose the top left style. He wanted a very special brake system with a half brake caliper on each side of the wheel and hardmetal discs bolted to each side of the rims, making the whole wheel into a brake disc! I completed the CAD models for wheels and discs and the CAD-files were sent to a machine shop where each wheel was machined out of a solid lump of aluminum.


The wheelsand brakes are definitely not the only unique thing on this bike, Fred designed and built a front fork from scratch with the suspension inside the steering neck! The oval tapered fork legs are works of art and the lower fork tree is made of 3 thin plates instead of 1 thick plate.


In the pics at the bottom of this page you can see the mockup of the bike, a brand new Panhead engine, 4-speed gearbox, oil in frame as usual and beautifull classic boardtracker lines. Check out the cardboard wheels!