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Hi Mark,
Cookie here from Down Under, New Zealand,

I have been following your site for a couple of years, the articles about John Harman, girders, frames and projects that many people have around the world which originated from his designs.

I have a harman powered machine that i would like you to feature on your site if you want. Originally built in Denmark and brought back here and rebuilt to what it is now.
A true one of a kind bike. Years ago I met two guys from Australia, Chris and Pedro.
I think they were brothers who brought the first Harman powered bike into New Zealand at the invite of Orb who had a shop called Hog Farm building custom bikes etc. They were invited over to promote their Harman powered bike at the NZ Hells Angels City of Cycles custom bike show.

They said they had purchased the blue prints to make the motors from John Harmans widow.
The plan was to start manufacturing these motors again. Im not sure what happened but I heard they ended up in a spot of trouble and it never got off the ground. I have tried to track them down without success, it would be interesting to know where the motor blue prints ended up.

The Harman powered bike they brought here was sold to a guy over here who still has it to this day. I also know a couple of other guys over here who have Harman motors lying in their work shops, and there were two others that got melted down in a shop fire years ago. a damn shame!
Let me know if you would like to feature my bike which may be for sale soon
and if i can offer any other info.


Hi Cookie,
Thanks for mailing me, that is some very interesting news.
Wouldn't it be great if those blueprints could be found!!!
I would love to do a feature on your bike and any
other info about Harmans is also very welcome!

Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply.
Specs for my Harman motor and pics.
Harman Cases
S&S 4" stroke fly wheels x 4.345" Bore
Corillo Con Rods
Hyper performance barrels
Vernolia Pistons & rings, 9.5.1 compression,
Jims solid lifters & lifter blocks
Riviera taperlite push rods
Sumax push rod tubes
Modified Crane roller rockers 1.65 ratio
S&S Cam
Late model Harman single plug Heads with decompression buttons.
Manly triple valve springs with titanium top collars
2.25" Manly inlet valves
2" Manly exhaust valves
Home made rocker boxes
Running 2 oil pumps
1 x pro flow,
1 x baisley to lube top of motor
2 x 50mm Carls speed shop typhoon carbs
Karata Vertec high output magneto to fire the plugs.

There's way to much other stuff to list on this bike.
I hope these pics will be off use.
I will leave it up to you as to what pics and order you post them in.

Could you drop me a line when you have posted them on your site.

Thanks Regards

I have not given up trying to find the two brothers who
brought the first Harman powered bike over here.
Will be in touch with you if I find out anymore info.