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Harman for sale


Gidday Duckman, how's it going?
I really enjoy all the Harman stuff you have on your site! I spoke to you quite some time ago about my own Harman and my plans to sell it and you kindly said that I could put it on your site. It has reached the time to sell and I would like to put the details on your site if that is still ok. I don't have a fixed price in mind as I am not sure of it's value but if anyone wishes to contact me about buying it that would be great. I have attached some photos and a brief spec sheet (the prices are in NZ $). As is obvious it is an unfinished project. Thanks for your help. If anyone wishes to contact me they can email me at Thanks again. John. New Zealand.


Below is a list of the main components of the bike so you know what is there to help you get an idea of its value. Any parts that I have purchased brand new for the project are indicated as “New”.

HD front guard,

New front hub, $251.41

New front rim -- 21", $265.50

New front spokes, $75.00

New speedo drive, $80.00

New front tyre -- Metzeler ME33 Laser, $160.00

FL Wide Glide forks (rebuilt) and yokes,

Bates style head-light,

Twin 13" fully floating discs,

Twin 4 piston P.M. callipers,

P.M. master cylinder,

Braided brake lines all round with Custom M/C Enterprises cable clamps,

Stainless steel bars,

HD risers,

New Pat Kennedy internal throttle assembly, $460.00

HD internal clutch lever,

Bow-leg hard-tail frame,

HD kickstand,


The engine was rebuilt by Doug Hayes of NO.1 Cycles. I have all the appropriate receipts,

Harman cases,

1200 shovel flywheels,

New Harman barrels,

New Jims/Harman pinion shaft, $133.33

New crank pin, $115.84

Carrillo rods,

New Pistons,

New Wiseco gudgeon pins & retainers,

New Oil Masters rings,

New Crane 320 B cam, $360.00

New Cam gear, $129.94

Velva Touch lifters & pushrods,

New Crane tappet roller kit, $90.00

New Late model Harman heads,

New Revtech decompression valves, $201.39

Crane roller rockers,

New Axtell/ Baisley 2-1 high volume / high pressure oil pump, $220.00

2 x Mikuni 42mm HS42 flatslide carbs,

Crane HI 4 ignition,

2 x Revtech dual outlet coils,

New 4 x Nippon Denso spark plugs

New 4 x Eagle eliminator 9mm high temp silicon spiral core H. T. leads,

Harley Davidson regulator / rectifier,

Harley Davidson alternator rotor & stator,

New Custom M/C Enterprises crankcase breather, $40.00

2" stainless steel drag pipes,

New Battery, $41.95


2 x Primo 3 inch pulleys,

New 3 inch belt, $260.00

5 stud clutch centre,

New Big fix kit, $45.00

New Tamer Enterprises " The Tamer", $195.84

New Tamer Enterprises super spring collar, $145.78

New 4 x anti-rattle steel clutch plates, $86.40

5 x clutch friction plates,

Clutch centre lock nut and washer,

Clutch pressure springs.

4-speed ratchet-top gearbox (rebuilt) with aluminium mainshaft bearing support bracket,

New CCI 5 gal fatbobs, $

New CCI petrol caps, $61.24

New Flatside tank mount kit, $150.00

New Rick Doss custom dash panel, $124.71

New Dash panel base plate, $139.83

New heavy duty ignition switch, $70.00

New Pingel twin outlet fuel tap, $269.86

New CCI electronic speedo and tacho, $1250.00

Barrel style oil tank with built in oil filter mount,

New oil filter, $30.00

New Custom M/C Enterprises oil line clamps, $100.00

P.M. forward controls,

New chain guard, $83.59

16" rear wheel,

HD rear guard,

10" rear disc,

4 piston P.M. rear calliper,

HD rear sprocket,

Chromoly rear axle,

New cats-eye tail-light, $50.00