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Hello, My name is Tim and I work at Gary Stroud Racing in Valparaiso, Indiana. Regarding Harman engines, We have two of them in our shop. One has been running since 1979 in a Harman rigid frame with two kehin slide carbs. We had two Dell Ortos on it for years but it seems to run and start better with the kehins. The bike runs great and has always attracted a lot of attention wherever it goes. That engine is a 120 cu. in.. The other engine we have is a 135 cu. in. injected version with two Kinsler injectors. We would like to sell this engine to someone interested in Harmans. Gary Stroud talked to John back in the late 70's and 80's and our shop helped put together three other Harman engines from across the country. Let us know if you think someone might be interested in this engine or if our shop can help put together other Harmans for other people. Our shop hours are 9 to 5 cst. monday to friday and 9 to 3 on sat. Our phone is 219-464-8391. Tim


For Sale:
$8,000 for the 136 engine.
$18,000 for the bike.
$25,000 for both.