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Hi Mark, I wrote you earlier this year to let you know there are still
some Harman bikes around. I finally got a scanner so I'm sending
you some pictures from 1973 when I started building my bike.

The first picture is when I was doing the final build in my living
room at my apartment. And yes I had a 2 car garage but it
was winter so I did the assembly in my apartment.

The next picture is of the sissy bar I built myself.
I think it turned out real nice.

The next picture shows a rough assembly as I was fitting
the bike before paint. I built my own oil tank, forward
controls and some of the various brackets for the bike.
The gas tank and rear fender are welded and molded to the frame.
All welds are ground down and molded in.
The rear wheel is a 15'' and the front is an 18''.
This let me keep the bike real low overall.

The next picture is the start of final assembly in my apartment.

The last picture was taken in the mid 80's
after I had the bike running for quite a few years.
It shows the rear head and seat missing because I had
to have the spark plug threads repaired.
I was lucky enough to meet with John when I ordered my
frame from him. It has a 6'' stretch. The front end is 14'' over stock.

I think it's great you have kept Johns legacy alive because he did
so much for the motorcycle community when he was alive.
So that's about it Mark, feel free to use any pictures for your Harman page,
and thanks again for keeping the Harman name alive.

Steve, your distant neighbor in California