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Duckman, I really DIG your web site!
Thanks for the info on John Harman.
I just finished a restoration on a 70's Chopper that
has a frame and matching front-end by him.
Here's a couple of photo's of it.
Take it Easy, Wino Red

Wow! Thanks man,it is a beauty! did you have
any problems with rust inside the Harman girder?

Hey, Duckman Thanks I'm glad you like it.
No on the rust, but the chrome shop could not disassemble
the spring assembly. They just covered up threads and the
bottom area and did the plating.

I got the Scooter from a real Original Biker.
This Scooter was his transportation for more than 25 years.
Man he gave me some good stories about the chopper.
He purchased it when (he said) this was the best you could get!
He told me he rode this bike to Sturgis many times,
and has put different Pan Head motors in the set up,
but never missed with the frame or the front end.

It is titled as a 1949 FL H.D. right now.
It had been painted many times while he owned it.
When I got it from him it was Candy Brandy Wine
and in need of a full restoration.
The chrome was dull but no real rust you could tell it had been
rubbed off over the years from cleaning it so much.

It was in his Garage covered up and hooked up to a trickle charger.
I asked why it was hooked up to the charger and he told me
every now and then he would try to kick it over hoping he could start it.
He said if I can start it I can ride it. He could not start or ride it
anymore due to his bad health and that's the reason I
got my break on getting it from him.

I didn't know what a Harman really was when he told that the
frame and girder were a matching set until I started searching
for information about it. Your site really gave some good info.
Thanks again

PS. your more than welcome to post some photos
of the Scooter on your Harman photo page.
I could send more photos if you like.