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Auguste Dionne sent me an article from Street Choppers (September 1981)
about the legendary Harman 120, I have tried to turn the photo's of
the article into a readable piece of text but it was much to much for
me to type all at once (I still type with one finger!):

As you can see from the photo's the intake and exhaust ports are raised for better breathing. The exhaust is 2" in diameter and requires special head pipes. Custom fit pipes will be available from Harman by late summer. The intake as mentioned earlier is 40mm and features straight through intake flow. The use of dual carburation is simple and necessary for feeding the huge engine.

A couple of other quick notes on the street engine should be brought out. First off the engine is 1/4" taller overall than a stock HD unit so you may want to be checking frame clearance and make adjustments. And the engine will naturally require the use of 1/4" longer push rods and clips from S&S.

John currentlyhas a retail of $2250 on the engine which includes cases, pinion shaft, cylinders, complete heads less springs, pistons, pins, O-rings, base studs and head bolts. That price comes pretty close to the price of a new '80 stocker. Now tell me, which one would you rather have? You're right, that was a stupid question.

We won't go into details at this time but Harman also offers Drag versions of his exotic mill up to 143 cu. in. which is a 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" square engine. You can get a close look at one of these pieces as you read about John's funnybike "Wildlife".

The Harman engines/frames and girders are available from:

Grand Prix Racing
RT3 Box 33
Dept S/C
Garden Valley, California 95633
Phone: 916-333-1531

(This was in 1981 ofcourse)